Minimalism in 5 Minutes or less…

At the 5 Minute Minimalist you’ll find information on all aspects of minimalism, but without the clutter.

We’re not here to write lengthy prose.
We’re not here to tell you life stories over and over.
You probably don’t need that, right?

(Who does?)


At the 5 Minute Minimalist:

  • All our posts take less than 5 minutes to read.
  • We offer short, effective ways to live with less.

  • We help you de-clutter your life, your home – and your mind.
  • We NEVER spam you!

About the 5 Minute Minimalist

Lee - the 5 Minute MinimalistI’m Lee, the face behind 5 Minute Minimalist.

I’m a Technical Writer (I write about software for a tech company) and a Technical Educator (I teach children how to program).

I’m a mother of two (13, 10) and a stepmum to two more (17 and 12), and I live in Dunedin, New Zealand.