7DS: 7 Day Stop Shopping Challenge

The 7 Day Stop Shopping Challenge

The goal of this Challenge is to stop all unnecessary spending and purchasing, enabling you to reconsider the incomings into your home and life, and to rethink your regular cash outgoings.

In just one week you will gain a real sense of how much you buy that is truly unnecessary, and how much of a consumer culture we are.

This Challenge is a great first step in regaining control of your finances, your time and your personal space.

The Rules

When: Up to you. You can start the 7 Day Stop at any time. You can also Repeat or Continue the Challenge for longer if you feel it is benefiting you.

What: Stop all purchases that aren’t immediately essential.

  • Includes: Clothing, food (until you run out of all food at home), entertainment, electronics, cosmetics, eating out, stationery, treats, kid treats, family treats, gifts, drugs and alcohol, gambling, haircuts and beauty therapies.
  • Does not include: Bills, heat and cooling, medical and dental / well-being are of course exempt. School costs, pocket money for children, repaying debts owed.

What else: You may wish to lower your spending further by catching public transport instead of driving if possible, or even walking where you can.

7 Day Stop Shopping Challenge

7 Day Stop Shopping Challenge

Further information

This Challenge is designed to be quick, but harder than you expect.

It may help to leave your bank and credit cards at home, so you’re not tempted to use them for spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Don’t try the Challenge immediately before Christmas or a major holiday, unless you’re very determined!

Remember, breaking the Challenge doesn’t mean you must stop altogether. Just pick up, dust off, and start again when you stopped.